Our Special Visitor – Mr Hutchinson

This week, Year 4 welcomed Mr Hutchinson into our class.

As part of our ‘Potions’ topic, we have been learning about the development of medicine, surgery and anaesthetic.

Mr Hutchinson works in a hospital and he has a very special job preparing people for operations and surgery. He was able to tell us lots about the procedures he and his team carry out as well as answer the many questions year 4 had for him.

We found out many advances in modern surgery, especially how blood loss, infection and pain are controlled.

We were given a special treat when Mr Hutchinson brought in some special equipment which is used in hospitals. We were able to see it all up close and find out what it was used for.

Finally, we were given a demonstration of how a surgeon gets ready to perform surgery. It is very important to control the spread of germs and as well as a thorough 2 minute hand washing, the surgeons wear special sterile clothing.

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