Year 4 –  Viking History

Year 4 – Viking History

This week in History, Year 4 learned all about the reign of King Ethelred. We found out that he was only 7 years old when he came to the throne in AD 978 and came to be known as ‘The Unready’ because he was believed to be unwise and badly advised. Because he wasn’t a good soldier and Britain was struggling from all the Viking raids, he entered into an official arrangement with the Vikings to pay them Danegeld, which means ‘paying the Dane’. However, the Vikings kept coming back for more and more money and his strategy was widely criticised for being ineffective. We then read a poem by Rudyard Kipling and role-played what happened at the time.


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    • Hello Oscar! Lovely to hear from you. So pleased you enjoyed the task. I know how much you enjoy History 🙂
      Hope you are having fun at home.
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