Retreat at the Youth Mission Village

Today, we travelled back from Allensford, having spent the previous day and night on a Spiritual Retreat. The Retreat comprised of workshops, team building and spiritual reflection surrounding the theme ‘Step Back.’  We really enjoyed our residential spiritual retreat and would love to share some pictures with you!

DSCF9820 DSCF9807 DSCF9808 DSCF9810 DSCF9811 DSCF9812 DSCF9813 DSCF9814 DSCF9815 DSCF9816 DSCF9817 DSCF9814 DSCF9815 DSCF9816 DSCF9818 DSCF9819 DSCF9820 DSCF9821 DSCF9822 DSCF9823 DSCF9824 DSCF9825 DSCF9826 DSCF9827 DSCF9828 DSCF9829 DSCF9830 DSCF9831 DSCF9832 DSCF9835 DSCF9836 DSCF9837 DSCF9838 DSCF9839 DSCF9840 DSCF9841 DSCF9842 DSCF9843 DSCF9844 DSCF9845 DSCF9846 DSCF9847 DSCF9848 DSCF9849 DSCF9850 DSCF9851

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