Tudor Day


Today we had a fabulous day celebrating the knowledge and skills developed through our Tudor topic.


We began our day in role, introducing the characters we had dressed as to the rest of the class, some were very obvious! Following this we each presented our projects about the Tudor era,  (that we had been working on at home) to the class. This was presented in various forms: power point presentations, information booklets, through songs and poems and also through various models. It was very evident that lots of hard work had gone into the projects and Queen Elizabeth I (Miss McMullen) was very impressed!


Throughout the day we completed various activities. We worked together in groups to create posters advertising the need for crew to embark on exploring the world with Sir Francis Drake. During this activity we tasted biscuits that the crew would have eaten, some of us enjoyed them whilst others thought they were too bland!


In the afternoon, we had a choice of activities. Some children chose to weave whilst others chose to create a coats of arms for themselves. After that we shared what we had produced with the class and then ended our day with some Tudor dancing!





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