Year 5 – Tudor Day Projects

Year 5 – Tudor Day Projects

The children in Year 5 shared some of their Tudor Day projects. These were things children had been working on at home based on our Tudor topic. Children shared music, stories, recipe books and art work.

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  1. This was probably knelt my best history topics ever it is really interesting so thank you Mr Craig and Mrs foster for letting me and the rest of year 5 do this fantastic project!! I will really miss being in year 5 because I won’t get to see my amazing teacher Mr Craig so all I want to say is thank you Mr craig for teaching me until now! I’m really sorry that we won’t go to alensfad with you and I bet it is amazing!! Tell the rest of year 5 that i miss them so much!! 💜💛💚💙❤ from cody!! Xxx

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