Fairtrade Fair!

The Community Event we had last Friday which was organised by the Lets Get Cooking Team was a great success. The Fairtrade councillors helped to promote Fairtrade to the children and their guardians and relatives at St Mary and St Thomas Aquinas Catholic School. £200 was raised for CAFOD and with the money we are going to buy World Gifts for people who are not as fortunate as ourselves. It seems like everyone enjoyed it!  We were selling things like crafts ( purses and jewellery) and food like cakes, biscuits, pasta, rice, honey, jam and rice cakes. Everything was Fairtrade from Traidcraft. Some councillors helped to sell things and others gave out leaflets and stickers about Fairtrade and asked people to swap to Fairtrade products. Recipe bags were also for sale which already had your ingredients in to make soup!  We raised lots of money and sold lots of things – we hope that it can help people in poor countries.

By Eleanor, Brooke and Grace ( Year 6)

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