World Maths Day

World Maths day was a lot of fun in the Y6 class but by the end of the day brains were certainly hurting !

We warmed up with some Countdown type problem solving and a mental maths test. We then created some difficult problems to solve with lots of extra information. Can you solve the questions below ?

2012-03-07-01 2012-03-07-02 2012-03-07-03 2012-03-07-04

We then used data from the points that every house had achieved during the day to create pie charts. It was quite complicated calculating the correct angle for each house.

2012-03-07-05 2012-03-07-06

We then finished by taking on the challenge of the World Maths Day website and working on some ipad maths games.

2012-03-07-07 2012-03-07-08

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