Year 6 Cyclic Patterns

In Year 6 we have been identifying cyclic patterns within music. We listened to a piece of music called ‘Winds on the Mountain’. The music originates from South America. Slide4

We identified the instruments playing within the music. Some the instruments are very different to the ones we might play in school and at home! We tried very hard to remember the names of each instrument.


This is a Sikus, they sound like panpipes.
This is a Quena, which is a type of wooden flute.


The Bombo drums are made of goat skin.
Chajchas are rattles; these are made of goat’s hooves!

We identified the specific cyclic pattern within the piece of music. We recorded how many times each instrument played and noted when they played the melody or played together in harmony.

The whole piece of music is based around one main melody which was played on the sikus. We played the repeating melody on chime bars.

IMG_0041 IMG_0044 IMG_0042

We enjoyed accompanying the instruments from South America on our chime bars!

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