Year Six have been looking at different forms of poetry. They studied different poetic techniques to understand the meaning of terms such as personify, simile, metaphor and hyperbole. Using images of different types of feelings as inspiration Year Six wrote poems about their personified feelings.


Bouncing happily through the meadow

He grins and laughs in hysterics

Jokes ad jiggles all day long

He frolics around the field

Singing his happy song

Playing and whooping, all day long

At the end of the day

He frolics home again

To go to sleep

To dream of another happy day

 By Ben and Joe



I dwell in a hole of darkness,

Creeping behind your back.

With a bowler hat and a dark green coat,

Ready to give you a smack!

I walk circles around you

Never letting you escape,

I strike you without a trail,

Wearing my wavy black cape.

I stare at you with my beady eyes,

Trying to control your mind,

Screaming loudly as I do,

I even make you blind.

By Andrew and Sam



She sneaks up behind you pausing you

In silence,

Suddenly there is a spark coming

Out of her.

Shooting into your heart like a

Bow and arrow.

Leaching on to your heart never

Letting go.

Searching for a sole mate

Never giving up.

Walking down the ally side

By side, hand in hand.

They shall stay together



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