Para Olympic Sports

As the weather has become colder and wetter of late,  PE has moved indoors for a proportion of the lessons. The Year 6 children have been trying their skills at some of the para-olympic sports.

Sitting volleyball has proved to be a hit with the children. Everyone is included and takes an active part.

Goalball too is a popular sport with the children using eye masks to ensure they can only use hearing and not sight to help them. As an aid, the ball used contains a bell. The game was not too exciting when the competitors could see, but became much more challenging when they wore masks. The children soon became far more aware of their power of hearing to locate and stop the ball. The spectators had to try very hard to stay quiet during each period of play.

IMG_0367 IMG_0416 IMG_0358 IMG_0414IMG_0082 IMG_0071 IMG_0075

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