Blaydon Places – Fin, Jack and Andrew

Here are some of the new versions of the Blaydon Races as written by Year 6 …..

Blaydon Places


I went to some Blaydon places ‘twas 2014

On the day there was a match oh you shud a seen

Twas a local darby, Sunderland v Newcastle

Aaway wa went ta saint James’park and there was some hastle


Oh me lads yu shud a seen us gannin’

Passin’ the folks alang the rood just as they wa stannin’

Al tha lads an lasses there al wi’ smiling faces

Gannin’ lang some different roods ta see some Blaydon places


I zipped past Gateshead Toon hall we were gannin’ quick

We flew passed the new houses there we saw Old Nick

We got to tha Metrocentre it was 4 o’clock

When we gat inside there we went to buy some socks


 We went passed Stella school the pupils were working hard

The teachers were having a coffee but they were aff guard

Then there was a loud bang and the children were runnin’ riot

All the teachers were shoutin’, “OH JUST BE QUIET!!!”


 We stopped at Pumphrey’s coffee for little break

Then we got back in the car and we ate our cake

On the radio it announced today’s Blaydon races

But we forgot because we’d been at these Blaydon places


 Fin, Jack and Andrew

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