Favourite Places – Elsa, Samantha, Martha

Here are some of the new versions of the Blaydon Races as written by Year 6 …..

Favourite places

Aw went to me favourite places on the 9th of joon.
2014 on a summers afternoon.
A tuk tha bus from Blaydon to get to Shibdon pond.
Listenin’ to ma ipod the music was very beyond.

Aw me lads u should of seen us gannin’
Passin’ the folks along the road just as they were stannin’
All the lads and lasses there and all the smilin’ faces
Gannin’ along the Stella road, to see me favourite places

Passin along the Blaydon pool, it looked really cool,
And oh how I remember when we used to go with school.
I love to buy clothes and love to go to the Metro!
Gannin’ to the Sage to see a brand new show.


Owa the Tyne Bridge we went, we just got to the Toon,
Gannin’ in to McDonalds they offered me a balloon.
Sitting in me seat, the fantastic show had just begun,
Sitting on the bus at the end, I remembered how the day was fun


Elsa, Samantha, Martha and Aimee.


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