Friendly Places – Milly, Niamh, Georgina

Here are some of the new versions of the Blaydon Races as written by Year 6 …..

Friendly places!

I went to friendly places twas the 9th Joon,
2014 on a summer’s afternoon,
Splashing about in Blaydon pool,
to get away from school,
Passing all the friendly chaps
And running the Blaydon laps!

Oh me lads ye should have seen us gannin,
Gannin along the Blaydon road just as they were stannin,
All the lads and lasses there,
All with friendly faces,
Gannin along the Blaydon road,
To see the friendly places!

We hopped up on the Metro on our way to Toon,
With the speed of this train we should be there soon,
Passing all the sights
as we sing along,
To the brand new Blaydon races song


We went to see a football match at St James Park,
I then left Newcastle to stand up with my Mark,
My Mam was waiting outside with her car,
Our walk to Blaydon was a little far!


I met up with me mates later that day,
We were team Newcastle, all the way,
We went to see the Blaydon races it lasted quite a while,
Then we all left and went home with such a big smile!

Milly, Niamh and Georgina

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