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Nanny Masser 

Nanny Masser was a famous singer who could sing very well from an early age. Incredibly she was born in October 1837 in Scotswood. Many people remember her. In this biography we will be talking about what inspired her to take up singing!

Early life

Sadly Nanny’s parents died when she was only three. Can you imagine what that would be like? After that Nanny was taken to a care home –which she hated- in Scotswood. Furthermore, she was a respectful child and eventually Nanny was adopted by Scott Williamson; living a happy life.

Later life

Amazingly, she then took up singing and was inspired by her Grandfather who was a band member in the Blaydon Races! Nanny was now determined to follow in her Granddads footsteps. Outstandingly she was the offered to perform with Geordie Ridley when she was only 16! Can you imagine what that would be like? Ever since then Nanny’s music has got stronger and many songs were sung by Nanny Masser after that.


Unfortunately Nanny died when she was 57. Sadly her friends and family missed her terribly. To conclude as well as winning an award for her singing, many people were inspired by this wonderful singer. From this day on we still remember Nanny Masser as a determined woman who followed her dreams.      

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