Personification poems

Year 6 have been studying personification poems and wrote some about places in their local area.

Around from the duckpond where I sit,
Lonely on my grassy pit,

Sometimes my little friends come to play,
I hope they’ll come visit some time today.

Standing around looking glum,
Now im waiting for my friends to come.

Watching visitors passing by,
Ill be doing this till the day I die.

My metal and steel are easily rusted,
Any my head is seriously busted !

Im feeling lonely watching the ducks,
Sometimes people give me nasty looks.

As all the people moan and groan,
Ill be standing here alone.

These are the last words ill say,
I hope Ill hear from you some day.

Niamh and Milly

Constantly metal bangs on my head and ruins me.
I destroy the land with my huge claw.
As the sun sets, I turn off as if I had a hard day at work.
I destroy the earth as if I am bloodthirsty for it.
I am as vicious as a tiger that is really hungry.
I stare at the scrap like I am having a competition.
I tower over all the little ants on the ground.
Smashing through the ground I hunt for scrap.
At night I am as quite as a mouse.
Yet I wreck the scrap each day like a wrecking ball.

Ben Pentland.



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