The Big Pedal

We are gearing up in school for the next two weeks of Big Pedal . . . .


‘ The Big Pedal is a giant inter-school cycling and scooting competition that encourages children, teachers and parents to choose two wheels for their school journeys.

This year’s competition will span 10 school days, from 3 to 14 March, and the more children who scoot and cycle each day, the more points your school will earn. Schools right across the UK will be competing against each other, and the competition is weighted according to the size of the school, so everyone has a fair chance to win.’

Click to link to the Big Pedal Website

Each day year Six will be collecting data from each class about how many people have come to cycled or scooted to school. They will be putting the details onto the Big Pedal website.

Lets hope for alot of cycling and scooting !

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