School Council Junior Network Meeting

On 25th April, our Year 6 School councillors joined members of 20 other school councils at the Dryden Centre in Gateshead for a Junior Network Meeting. 

The theme of the meeting was ” Being Healthy”.  The school councillors had to think about what foods they thought were healthy and which were bad for health.   Instead of biscuits, each table had a plate of vegetables and a plate of fruit to sample.  Some were nicer than others – the boys were brave to sample raw spring onions but you can see their reaction in the photograph below!

At the end of the meeting, each school was given  ” Being Heathy” questionnaires to take back to school to be completed by other pupils.  They have now been sent back and the results will be shared with the schools when they have been collated.

Millie, Samantha, Jack DG, Aimee and Jack H  all really enjoyed meeting other school councillors and taking part in the meeting.

20140425_111045 20140425_111933 20140425_094650 20140425_094556

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