Year Six have been learning about God’s unconditional love as expressed in the bible. They thought about their own perceptions of the term ‘love’ then compared them to the love of God that we can see in passages such as Isaiah 40. Thinking about a world where unconditional love or hatred ruled, they thought about what that world would be like. Which words would you use to describe the contrasting images ?

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Using the language of Isiah they ‘wrote in pictures,’ describing God’s unconditional love . . . .

Be the rainbow in the Sky – Lucy C

Be a person, not a shadow – Amelia M

The sun of good will shine through the clouds of hatred РLee

The path of goodness will purify your heart. – Connor

The light of the day will always tough your shoulder. – Amelia H

Let your flower grow to the rooftops – Holly

Fall among the rocks, God will catch you. – Kate

Dont be dark, be light – Millie

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