Anderson shelters

During DT lessons in Year 6 , linking to our World War II topic, we have designed and built our own model Anderson shelters. We used materials that we brought in from home. First, we explored the different types of material we could use to build our model. We took note of which material would be best for each part of our Anderson shelter models. We began our design stage by drawing ideas of what our Anderson shelters could look like and labelling key parts as well as stating the materials we could use. Then, we used Sketchup, a computer aided design (CAD) software to create our final designs, labelling our final decisions for materials. Finally, we began the big build, where we used wood dowling along with PVA glue and card to build a sturdy base. We then used various materials such as cardboard from cereal boxes, large cardboard boxes, compressed cardboard tubes, plastic bottles, foam and many others to build the walls, roof and door of our Anderson shelters. I think you will agree; our final products look amazing… Well done Year 6!!!

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