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The Power of the Holy Spirit

On Friday, Year 4 spent some time reflecting on the impact of the Holy Spirit and how it inspired the apostles following Pentecost.

The children acted out passages of scripture explaining how Jesus followers were given courage, strength and confidence to speak out about Jesus Christ.

They defied some of the leaders within the temples and encouraged the people to turn away from sin, be baptised and start a New Life following Jesus’ teaching.

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Understanding the Our Father

Year 4 took some time to reflect on the special Prayer that Jesus himself gave to us, the ‘Our Father’.

We studied the words and the meaning and used our understanding to perform a liturgical dance.

The children worked in groups and performed to the prayer, sung as a hymn.

It was very moving and the children were very reverent and prayerful throughout.

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Maths in the garden – measurement

As part of our outdoor learning last week – Year 4 put their measuring skills into practice.

They were set different challenges to find the trees with he largest and smallest measurements around the tree trunk.

Once we collected the information, we recorded on whiteboard and were able to work out the difference between the measurements.

We knew that we could also find the average measurement by dividing by the number of trees we could measure.

We thought about other measuring tasks we could do – next we could measure the distance between the trees and see if there was any particular pattern used when the trees were first planted.

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Ash Wednesday – Signs and symbols

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Today Year 4 spent time thinking about the meaning of the Ash cross we are given during the Ash Wednesday service.

We looked at scripture references to dust in the Old Testament and how the ash symbolises creation and also death at the end of our lives.

This is why the priest says ‘For you were made from dust, and to dust you will return.’

We adorned each other with the cross whilst saying these words.