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Last Supper in Year 5

We decided to act out the Last Supper. We thought long and hard about how the different disciples would have felt thinking about Judas the betrayer and also the shock and horror of the other disciples knowing their friend was going to die.

We took on different roles and then celebrated as a whole class – just like Jesus at the Last Supper.

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Stations of the Cross

Father Rose took Year 5 around the church talking through the ‘Stations of the Cross’ and their meaning. Then Year 5  went back to school with lots of ideas of how to draw and write a programme for the ‘Stations of the Cross’ to lead other children in the school.

DSCF6168 DSCF6169 DSCF6170

Following this we designed a set of ‘Stations of the Cross’ to use with a booklet leading the year 3 and 4 children around our school grounds.

DSCF6289 DSCF6293 DSCF6292 DSCF6290 DSCF6288 DSCF6287 DSCF6286 DSCF6285


When I grow up….

As part of our whole school comenius project we enjoyed a special dressing up day. We thought about the jobs we would like to see ourselves doing when we grow up. We had some medical staff!

DSCF5926 DSCF5927

We also had some police!


We had lots of teachers and some vets!

We enjoyed a fabulous cat walk demonstration where we walked to our own music!



Banana Farming Recounts

As part of fairtrade Fortnight we have been investigating banana farming in different parts of the world. We have looked at a typical day in the life of a banana farmer and also written a recount showing the stages of banana farming. We enjoyed placing banana farming photographs into order using time connectives to help – it was tricky!

DSCF6023 DSCF6022 DSCF6019 DSCF6020 DSCF6021 DSCF6017 DSCF6016


As part of our RE topic we have been exploring memories both happy and sad. We have laughed about some of the funny memories from school and shared some sad memories about relatives and friends. We held a collective worship to celebrate all of our memories and brought objects in to school to remind us of our memories.

DSCF5868 DSCF5869 DSCF5870 DSCF5871 DSCF5872 DSCF5873 DSCF5882 DSCF5877 DSCF5879