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Year 3 have been making their own compasses as part of their science topic on magnets. The children had to rub a piece of metal to make the particles align. Once they had done this, they floated the metal on a cork in water and it pointed north, just like a compass.



As part of their English work, Year 3 are studying the book Escape from Pompeii. Today, the children were writing descriptive recounts of Mount Vesuvius erupting. They went to the hall with a parachute and explored the different stages of the eruption including the lava flowing and the ash cloud. Using this knowledge, they came up with some wonderful descriptive writing.

Pentecost – Energy

Year 3 have begun their new RE topic of Pentecost. To introduce them to the topic, the children went outside and used their senses to explore the wind and fire. They  thought about the sounds they could hear, the things they could smell, the feelings they had and the sights they could see. They then went on to reflect on the power of both the wind and the fire.


Year 3 have begun to develop their tennis skills in PE. The children have been practicing their movements, making sure they can run forwards, backwards and side to side quickly. They went on to perfecting their aim by attempting to get a ball inside a hoop.



Stations of the Cross

Year 3 visited church today to look at the Stations of the Cross. The children looked at the pictures and heard the stories about each one. They prayed a special prayer which related to each of the stations as they followed the path of Jesus. The children really enjoyed seeing the church in a different way.