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CAFOD – Fratelli Tutti

Year 3 have taken part in CAFOD’s National Assembly, Fratelli Tutti. They learned about Pope Francis’ letter which asks us to recognise our brothers and sisters in need, around the world. He wants us to build a better world for the benefit of all.   After watching this, the children thought about how they could share love and kindness with others both at home and with our global family.

Holy Week Liturgy

On Holy Thursday, the last day of term, each class in KS2 gathered  to reflect on the symbols of Holy Week and to think about how to follow Jesus’ example of love and self-giving.  A central focal point was created in our chapel in the grounds.   Although the key stage were not able to come together for the liturgy it meant they could all visit the chapel as a class and reflect on the focal point created together.  The younger children were also able to come and reflect on the symbols of Jesus’ passion.

Fairtrade Fortnight 2021

This Fairtrade Fortnight, the focus is on ‘Climate, Fairtrade and You’. The children will  discover how their choices can make a difference to the lives of people around the world. They will be learning about the people who grow our food and drink.

On Friday, both in school and at home the children will be celebrating Fairtrade fortnight through activities, lessons and games. We are looking forward to seeing all your photographs!

Please look out for Fairtrade items when out shopping and choose Fairtrade!





Holy Week at Home for the Family

Hello everyone, next week is Holy Week.  To help you take part in the week at home, I have put together a collection of ideas with links to access videos, activities and prayers for each day.  You can follow along in the steps of Jesus from Palm Sunday through to Easter Sunday, exploring the  events that occurred on each day. Most of the activities are for all ages so you can participate in them as a whole family.  I hope you find the resources useful.

Holy Week at Home

CAFOD in LENT by Mini Vinnies

As a school we have decided to try and raise money for CAFOD  to help all the people in the world who aren’t as fortunate as we are and don’t have the things we take for granted. A man from CAFOD visited school and told us that the Amazon rainforest is being destroyed and people are losing their homes. He said one football pitch of rainforest is lost a minute which is bad for the rainforest and the climate. Did you know that 2p can vaccinate 10 children against life threatening diseases? 20p to 50p will buy a mosquito net to keep children safe from malaria and if you have £1 or £2 it can help provide clean water for families. Please help those who are less fortunate. We will have a collection box in the office, please give what you can.

Jamie and Katie  ( Mini Vinnies)