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Off with her head!

Off with her head!

Today, we explored the wives of Henry VIII.



We began the lesson by working with our partner to match statements to the wives of Henry VIII. To check that the information we had was correct, we went outside to gather facts on Henry’s wives. Fact-files had been placed around the yard which we used to gain information. After this, we went back into class and re-evaluated our original statements. Using this information, we designed our own fact-file exploring the life of one of the six wives.


During our DT lesson, we used the ingredients from the recipe that we had researched to make tzatziki. First, we had to measure out our ingredients. Then we used our chopping skills to slice a variety of ingredients and crush garlic. Finally we combined the ingredients together and mixed thoroughly. To end the lesson we tasted our own batch of tzatziki with some warm pitta bread!



Tag Rugby

Today we practised our tag rugby skills; we developed our skills in dodging, catching and defending. Then we competed against each other in our house teams. We really enjoyed our tag rugby session.




Today we were invited to spend the day at Nissan. Here we completed a range of hands-on interactive workshops.

 First, we found out about Nissan and the Japanese culture and then we designed our own car. In the second session, we visited the training facility and then had the opportunity to use actual production parts and tools.

We really enjoyed the experience and thank Nissan for the wonderful experience.


Chemical and Physical Changes

In Science, we explored the differences between physical and chemical changes. We observed a chemical change involving hydrogen peroxide and yeast, it expanded everywhere!
Next we got hands on with a really strange physical change. We observed a material called Oobleck, it changes from a liquid to a solid when you touch it.