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Year 1 Geography Lesson

We had a very exciting Geography lesson in Year 1 today!

All the countries of the UK had been split up!! It was Year 1’s mission to put the UK back together again. There was a few upside down and backwards countries at the beginning of the lesson! We learnt about the 4 countries that make up the UK and found out that we live in one of them! The children then found out that all of these countries have capital cities. We located them on the map. At the end of the lesson everybody could put the United Kingdom back together correctly 🙂 Mission Accomplished!

Year 1 Fruit Taste Testing!

In DT, we have been learning all about Handa’s Surprise.

Today the children had a chance to try lots of different fruits from around the world. We talked about where each fruit came from. We decided on which fruit was our favourite and least favourite for our fruit kebabs.




Year 1 Collective Worship

In Year 1 we have just started our new RE topic ‘Being Sorry’. In this topic we have explored making right and wrong choices. We learnt the story of Levi the tax collector. Our collective worship was based around ‘Respect, Patience, Courage and Forgiveness’. We talked about these words and how we will ask for these gifts to help us when we have to make choices.

Thank you for a lovely half term. Keep safe over the holidays.






Year 1 – Nature Walk

This week year 1 have been exploring Nature for our poetry topic. We have explored what we can see, smell, feel and hear outside. We all had a chance to take photos of nature. Then we used what we had found to write descriptive sentences. We even tried to rhyme the sentences! It was very tricky!


Year 1 Collective Worship – Month of Mary

Today in Year 1’s collective worship we celebrated May the month of Mary. We designed a focal point to be used as an altar to Mary for the month of May. The children planned their own parts and readings in this collective worship. We crowned Mary with flowers and laid flowers at her feet. We all held rosary beads and repeated the Hail Mary prayer. We then sang a song to celebrate Mary.