Collective Worship

CAFOD – Fratelli Tutti

Year 3 have taken part in CAFOD’s National Assembly, Fratelli Tutti. They learned about Pope Francis’ letter which asks us to recognise our brothers and sisters in need, around the world. He wants us to build a better world for the benefit of all.   After watching this, the children thought about how they could share love and kindness with others both at home and with our global family.

Year 1 Collective Worship

In Year 1 we have just started our new RE topic ‘Being Sorry’. In this topic we have explored making right and wrong choices. We learnt the story of Levi the tax collector. Our collective worship was based around ‘Respect, Patience, Courage and Forgiveness’. We talked about these words and how we will ask for these gifts to help us when we have to make choices.

Thank you for a lovely half term. Keep safe over the holidays.








As part of our school Pentecost Parade, Year 5 reflected on their designated Fruit of the Spirit. Our fruit was ‘Faithfulness’, we thought about what this means to each of us. We offered these to our school focal point at the end of the school parade.