School Council

School Council visit the Mayor

After writing a letter to our MP, Liz Twist, the School Council were invited to visit the Mayor in her parlour.   The children met the macebearer, Nigel Hall,who explained about the history and symbolism of the mace. It is the symbol of authority and democracy and must be in place at all council meetings.  He also explained about the features of the Civic Regalia worn by the Mayor.  After this, the children asked lots of questions which they had prepared for their visit. They were then shown around the Council Chamber where the meetings take place. All the children enjoyed their visit and were made very welcome by the Mayor and Macebearer.

Year 2 School Councillors

Year 2 School Councillors

It was very exciting last week to find out who would be the Year 2 School Councillors. After reading out their manifestos, the children went into the school hall to vote and then the results were revealed …

We were very happy and pleased for Sadie Cox and Findlay Jones who were announced as our School Councillors. Well done Sadie and Findlay!

School Council Action Plan

Our school council have been thinking about ways they could improve certain areas around our school. The council team met and conducted their own site improvement plan. Many ideas were discussed, from creating a new sign to direct visitors to the main entrance to possibly resurfacing the Multi Use Games Area. Watch this space to see how our council develop these plans.