4 Responses to At home during Lockdown. 05.06.20.

  1. Everyone looks like they’re having lots of fun We miss all our friends and teachers! Chloe, Leila & Sophie Thankyou for the lovely video Mr Patterson

  2. Name: Daniel James Fox

    Known for my third name: Fox

    Date of birth:25.02.09

    Reception: Mrs Lamb

    Year 1: Mrs Lachlan

    Year 2: Mrs Gourley / Mrs Crumble

    Year 3: Mrs Robinson

    Year 4: Mr Craig

    Year 5: Mrs Horne / Mr Knox

    Happiest Moment: When I made my first school friend Aiden in reception.

    Saddest Moment: My special friend left to go to another school.

    Funniest Moment: When everyone was singing on the bus during the Alnwick school trip.

    Strangest Moment: When I started school in 2013.

    Things I won’t forget: The start of year six and the visit to Alnwick castle.

    Ambition: To be an engineer.

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