Mission Statement


It is our aim here at St Mary and St Thomas Aquinas to foster a caring and loving environment by the encouragement of all members of the school community.

We aim to ensure a welcoming friendly approach where parents and visitors feel comfortable and are positively encouraged to participate in the life of the school.

For each child entrusted to our care, we seek to provide a haven of security and safety that will enable and encourage confidence and happiness to flourish in a community founded on love and respect.

School Ethos & Values

We value every child as an individual, and take every opportunity to encourage and support their continued spiritual, physical, moral, social; and intellectual growth and development.

Our faith and our principles are soundly based on the Christian teaching of the Catholic Church, which holds love of God and of each other as the central precept of all our values.

We seek to help each child to develop knowledge, understanding, experience and skills as fully as possible through a broad, balanced range of opportunities and activities.

We are most conscious of the child’s emotional and aesthetic development, and seek to encourage sensitivity, awareness, care and appreciation as positive and prominent values.

We strive to encourage lively, enquiring minds, the ability to question and debate rationally, and the self-motivation needed to enable a child to approach a task with purpose, confidence and commitment.

It is our aim to help the children develop a sense of respect for themselves, for other children and adults, and for their environment, enabling them to live as independent adults, with a set of values, attitudes, concepts and beliefs which will help them make a valuable contribution to society.

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