Ofsted Inspections


January 2020

‘Following my visit to your school on 29 January 2020, I write on behalf of Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Education, Children’s Services and Skills to confirm the inspection findings. The findings do not change the overall effectiveness judgement of outstanding from the last section 5 inspection.

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October 2007

‘This is an outstandingly effective school in which the expectation that pupils achieve their best is at the heart of all priorities and decision-making. The school consistently delivers excellent achievement and exceptionally high standards in English, mathematics and science. There is a committed and very talented team of staff led by an inspirational and very hardworking headteacher.’

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June 2004

‘This is an excellent school. Teaching and learning are very good and, as a result, pupils make very good gains in their learning. Standards at the end of Year 6 are very high. Overall achievement is excellent. Relationships throughout the school and pupils’ personal development are excellent. Overall leadership and management are excellent. The school gives excellent value for money.’

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March 2023

‘The commitment of pupils to the school’s mission, and their pride in belonging to this school is a strength; their behaviour is exemplary and the respect and care shown for all is an outstanding aspect of the school.’

Pupils have outstanding religious literacy which begins in Nursery and continues to develop strongly to Year 6.’

‘Prayer and Liturgy are the heartbeat of this school community’

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