The purpose of St. Mary & St. Thomas Aquinas School’s safeguarding policy is to ensure every child who is a registered pupil at our school is safe and protected from harm. This means we will always work to:

• Protect children and young people at our school from maltreatment;
• Prevent impairment of our children’s and young people’s health or development;
• Ensure that children and young people at our school grow up in circumstances consistent with the provision of safe and effective care;
• Undertake that role so as to enable children and young people at our school to have the best outcomes.

This policy will give clear direction to staff, volunteers, visitors and parents about expected behaviour and our legal responsibility to safeguard and promote the welfare of all children at our school.

Our Designated Safeguarding Lead is Mr Craig, and our Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead’s are Mrs Bennison and Mrs Costello.

Our school fully recognises the contribution it can make to protect children from harm and supporting and promoting the welfare of all children who are registered pupils at our school. The elements of our policy are prevention, protection and support.

We recognise that our safeguarding responsibilities are clearly linked to our responsibilities for ensuring that appropriate safeguarding responses are in place for children who are absent from school or who go missing from education, particularly on repeat occasions. The Attendance Lead will regularly liaise with the Designated Safeguarding Lead to discuss all persistently absent pupils and those who go missing to identify the risk of abuse and neglect including sexual abuse or exploitation and to ensure that appropriate safeguarding responses have been put in place to reduce the risk of future harm.

This policy applies to all pupils, staff, parents, governors, volunteers and visitors.

You can read our Safeguarding Policy by clicking here

You can read our Violence Against Staff Policy by clicking here

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