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Welcome to our Online Safety section of the website. Here you will find information on current online safety guidance and online safety trends.


For help with setting up parental controls on devices, please follow this link where you can enter the name of your device in the search box at the bottom of the page.

Device Parental Controls

For help with sitting up parental and filtering controls with broadband and mobile providers, please follow the link below.

Broadband and mobile Provider parental and filtering controls

Below are various PDFs for you to download and read they cover various topics from Facebook to Fortnite.

If you want more specific information, simply hover over each icon to reveal the topic, then click to download / read.

12 Smart Phone Online Safety Tips


Fortnite - Chapter 2

Fortnite - Parents Guide Battle Royale

Instagram Parents Guide


Roblox - Parents Guide

Snapchat - Parents Guide

Twitter - Parents Guide

YouTube - Parents Guide

YouTube - Childrens Guide

TikTok - Parents Guide

WhatsApp - Parents Guide

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