Must-have March Reads

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Here are some great reads for March . . . .


Created with RHS, the UK’s leading gardening charity. 

This fun-filled RHS adventure handbook is bursting with ideas to help kids discover the great outdoors and get closer to nature.

Grow your own herb garden, build a tepee, learn how to read a map, discover what’s outside your
front door.

Two Sisters

The latest in Voices, a series about the unsung heroes of our past. 

Two Sisters is a heart-stopping adventure based on real historical events.

Kereen Getten takes readers on a journey of sisterhood, struggle and survival from Jamaica to Britain.

Can You Keep a Secret?

If you met a dragon, could you keep it secret?

The magical new picture book from award-winning illustrator,
Melissa Castrillón.

Winnie has a secret: there’s a dragon in the forest and he’s the last one left in the world. If the grown-ups them, they’ll be in danger.

When Can I Go Back To School? 

A reassuring journey through a child’s common worries and fears during the worldwide pandemic.

When school suddenly shuts one day, Billy is worried about what will happen next. Will things ever return to how they were before?

Part of the the Big Little Hearts series written to support families dealing with traumatic events in life.

Horrible Histories
New Editions 

Discover all the foul facts in your favourite Horrible Histories books with a brand new striking newspaper look.

The perfect series for children who like their history a little more gory.


I Was There:  Ira Aldridge
The Shakespearean Actor

I Was There is the perfect introduction for younger readers into stories from the past. 

Ira Aldridge tells the exciting story of the African-American actor, Ira Aldridge, who rose to fame on the London stage.

A brilliantly imagined first-hand account of a child’s experience of
nineteenth-century London and the vibrant life of the theatre. Complete with black and white illustrations throughout.

Unicorns Don’t Love Rainbows

A brilliantly funny and heartfelt story about empathy, kindness, celebrating what makes us different.

I do not like smiling, I do not like cake,I do not like ice cream. I stomp over rainbows and will not say ‘Whoop!”

If you think that all unicorns love rainbows then think again, because this unicorn most certainly doesn’t!


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