The boy who flew too close to the sun by Year 3

We have been reading some Greek myths in English and decided that we would like to write our own version of Daedalus and Icarus.

We worked in small groups and each took a part of the story.  We tried to make sure that we used imperative verbs, adverbs, similes and adjectives.

Here is our version of the story.

The horrible King Minos desperately needed Daedalus and his small son Icarus to quickly build him a huge, stunning, new palace. King Minos wanted a gigantic palace with tunnels as long as rivers. “Build the best palace in the world” demanded King Minos.

Daedalus came face to face with King Minos to build a colossal palace. After Daedalus built the palace, King Minos put a minotaur in the humongous labyrinth. Daedalus constructed a palace as enormous as Jupiter to trap a terrifying monster half human half bull.

Daedalus very wisely wanted to escape, but the evil, horrible, disgraceful King Minos didn’t want him to because Daedalus knew the way out of the Labyrinth. Daedalus was very clever, wise and intelligent.

One day Daedalus thought of a brilliant plan. Daedalus stayed up all night and worked his head off. Then Daedalus took the feathers out of his pillowcase and found some wax. Then he created something you wouldn’t believe existed.

Daedalus excitedly grabbed something from under his hard, wooden bed and woke up his son Icarus. It was a marvellous invention he had recently made. Daedalus proudly showed his son Icarus his new, colourful, soft wings. Icarus couldn’t believe his eyes! Daedalus made … magnificent WINGS! The wings were the most fantastic wings in the world. They were amazing. Nobody else could have made these wings but Daedalus. These wings were as MAGESTIC as a blue moon! (This was how they escaped!). This would make them feel as free as birds!

Icarus admired his new wings. He said “thank you for my NEW wings” and Daedalus attached them to his back. Icarus zoomed like a rocket to the windowsill and his dad shouted “Don’t go too close to the sun!”.

Daedalus and Icarus escaped and embraced the flying power as they flew out the enormous palace. They flew high up into the blue sky. Icarus always wanted to fly up to the burning, steaming hot, orange sun. He flew way too close to the sun and the wax got hot and melted. He tumbled and landed in the shimmering, deep blue water.

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